Friday, 13 May 2011

String painting and other things

I'm currently sitting in my conservatory looking out at ominous dark clouds drifting overhead, trying to decide whether I need to water my garden or whether it's going to rain. I can hear my husband's voice drifting down the stairs as he reads our small son, 'Digger', a bedtime story. I can't hear what he's saying exactly, but I can hear the rise and fall of his voice as he reads so expressively - I'm guessing it's a Fireman Sam book.

Today has been a good day and it's not even over yet. I've felt productive, which is something that always seems to make me feel better about myself. My little 'Mate' arrived at about 8:25 this morning while we were still brushing our teeth. While Digger and Mate were playing, I gathered together the items needed for our painting activity. After donning their aprons, the boys each chose their piece of coloured paper. I showed them how to dip pieces of string into the paint and wiggle it across the paper and they both had a go. Along the way they both decided to get really stuck in to the paint with their hands and I realised that the long-sleeved aprons would have been a better choice!

Such concentration!

It took me a good 45 minutes to clear up all the paint from tables, chairs, small people, sink, floor and pots. It was worth it!

After our snack, the boys helped me hang out the washing, deeply fascinated by the pegs.

Then I decided it would be a great idea to do some baking for lunch. I decided to go for Annabel Karmel's 'Coconut Kisses'. Great theory, but in practice was lacking a vital ingredient: desicated coconut. Ok, so we made something, not sure what to call them, replaced the coconut with flaked almonds and replaced chocolate chips with raisins. So they are now renamed Jo's 'Fruity, Nutty, Nibbles'. Anyway, there's only two left, they went down a storm. Even my husband ate two, and he hates raisins in cookies.

After lunch, we went to the park. The boys had a great time letting off some steam, running backwards and forwards to different items of play equipment.

A great and busy day was had by all. Digger was yawning during teatime, and staring off into the distance, very subdued. Hopefull he'll sleep well tonight.

Well, the dark clouds seemed to have moved on, which means I will have to get on with the watering I think.

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